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Le jardin des Poètes

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Poèmes de Youssef Rzouga en Anglais


                            THE FIRST APPLE



All the philosophers desired the apple of « Gestalt »

But it split in two before it fell between both hands..

No one among the philosophers tasted it

Among those who mobilized from thousands of years

To gnaw the sky’s lacework

All the poets threw themselves into the sea…

All of them disappeared in its bottom, between rocks

Only blood floated !…

All the philosophers ended up.

From their words all that remained for our time is…

The worms of questions

And the device of « Cogito » to detect criminals !...





Naked between the thread of the spider

You open your heart to « Big Brother»’s  camera

Defeated and crying :

Ichelon ! Ichelon !

What universe will there be for me at the end ?

What colour?

My movements,

My stillness

The mulberry leaves,

The fever at the end of the night,

The steps of desire in the hall of intentions…

All of them

-the moment-

under the eye


« Big Brother » is conquering

The fortress of the stage’s mouth-piece !..


You are the innocent

Then you are the accused !


Look at your old « magnetic card »

The « electronic trace » wasn’t erased – the content of your indictment-

From its residue ,you are saved from a tomorow that doesn’t belong to you

I’m not going to ask you !..

About a home you go to with an eye of a spy

Who suddenly retired …

I’m not going to ask you !..

What is the secret of this evil in your eyes ?

    What is the secret of your moving




I’m not going to ask you ..

How did you end up

Even though you’re the Samurai of the great suicides,

You’re the worst of cowards ?


Translated from Arabic by Walid SOLIMAN